Mamaspace’s Mission is for Mamas around the world to feel more connected to themselves
and more connected to their children.

To experience more joy, more connection, more freedom and more of the GOOD stuff in our lives.

To live more of life in the moment.

To do more of what makes us happy.
To dance like no-one is watching.
To take off all the masks and hats, and re-discover our true selves.
To connect with our truth and live it.
To be our wild, abundant, creative Goddess Mama selves.

While also…

Breaking negative ancestral patterns with love and awareness.
Having the courage to feel our uncomfortable feelings.
Accepting the whole of ourselves, our brightness and our shadows.

We cannot give from a place of lack.
If we do not have enough time, energy or love for ourselves, we have nothing to give others.

Only when we are filled up to the point of overflow can we share ourselves with others.
As Mothers we’re the keeper of the home (and I don’t mean domestically!).

Our energy and emotions filter out to those around us. Have you ever noticed that when you’re having a bad day, the family and home seem to unravel around you?

Our wellbeing, self-awareness, healing and growth is crucial if we want to raise children free to be themselves, with strong roots and effortless wings.

Are you ready? Mamaspace is the space for your Mama Soul and the journey starts here!
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"The most important thing you can do for your child is to heal your own stuff so she can get on with being herself"

Hollie Holden